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VFX Supervisor ILM TV
ILM TV are seeking a VFX Supervisor to oversee the Artists Group.
Position Summary
The VFX Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the Artists Group, ensuring work is created to the quality and standards requested by the client and the Producer, addressing technical issues, and identifying best practices and approaches as needed. 

The VFX Supervisor works with the Animation Director and Producer to set an optimistic and enthusiastic tone on a show. 

Primary Responsibilities 
  • Provide accurate timely feedback to artists, in conjunction with other project leaders (Producer, Animation Director). Keeps department managers informed of feedback. 
  • Understand the limitations of his/her knowledge (e.g., technical, aesthetic, client-handling skills, etc.) and seek expert advice when appropriate. 
  • Be aware of the impact creative decisions have on a show's schedule and budget, and be willing to change the creative choices, when possible, to stay on schedule budget. 
  • Anticipate potential production problems and proactively suggest solutions, as appropriate.
  • Support and promote ILM 'best practices' across the show. 
  • Delegate creative and technical tasks, as needed, to the appropriate personnel in order to maintain an overview of the creative and production goals of the show. 
  • In concert with ILM management, mentor potential supervisory up-and-coming talent. 
  • Represent ILM professionally and positively both within and outside the industry. 
  • Proactively seek solutions to production problems, both logistical and creative. 
  • Proactively listen to the client's (director's) desires and guide him/her to solutions which solve the underlying issues in telling the story artistically and affordably. 
  • Manage the client's expectations of the technology (and the affordability, in conjunction with the producer). 
  • Sell finished shots appropriately in support of the overall show requirements. 
  • Play a proactive key role in marketing ILM's services to the industry. 
  • In conjunction with other show leaders, anticipate and solve problems. 
  • Juggle and prioritize shots, working within limited resources. 
  • Work as a team with the producer, animation director and others to lead the crew. 

Required Skills / Competencies

Overall aesthetic & quality issues: 
  • Proven track record of delivering high end VFX across a range of episodic television genres. 
  • Strong understanding of the pace and production process of episodic television. 
  • Ability to recognize the focal point of shot toward the telling of the overall story and work toward it (stay focused on the goal and not noodle unnecessary details). 
  • Demonstrate excellent shot design skills in guiding pre-visualization of sequences of shots.
  • Demonstrate excellent photographic and artistic knowledge in background plate shooting as well as execution of shots (including but not limited to an awareness of depth-of-field, composition, atmospheric haze, etc.). 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of quality editing in the telling of a story (from story boards to finished sequences). 
  • On projects with the opportunity to design characters, collaborate with and help guide key concept artists toward the director's vision. 

Technical Knowledge & Breadth of Knowledge: 
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage artists (even those who may work outside of the supervisor's technical specialty) efficiently toward successful final shots. 
  • Be aware of new technical developments within and outside ILM. 
  • Proactively pursue in-depth knowledge of the new developments to further his or her ability to do leading-edge work. 
  • Recognize one's limitations in one's current technical knowledge and seek to broaden that knowledge. 
  • Support ILM's documentation and dissemination of new techniques developed on his or her show.
  • Be technically versatile enough to comprehend the several technical solutions to any one problem.

To Apply:
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